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Ron Rusch

Ron Rusch is the founder of BPD and spent 25 years in the Door Industry, in that time he’s developed custom high security solutions for the world’s top CEO’s, Banks, and Secure Military Institutions. Ron’s responsible for the overall direction of BPD and new product development and continues to design and engineer security doors and mechanisms for BPD’s customer.

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Operations Manager

Teresa Rusch

As BPD’s Operations Manager Teresa’s responsibilities are to maintain administrative business practice to create the highest level of efficiency possible within the organization. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pa Teresa has 20 years of experience in the door industry.

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Project Manager

Matt Broley

Matt comes from 10+ years of corporate/enterprise sales and handles all customer communication throughout each project.

We are a family owned specialty door manufacture based out of Pittsburgh Pa. BPD has been manufacturing Bullet, Blast, Sliding and Force Entry Resistant products for over 20 years. We strive to be the best at what we do using high strength specialty steel coupled with our patented door components creating the smoothest operating Bullet and Blast resistant doors on the market. Our doors can be designed using U.L., N.I.J., and S.D. rated capabilities.

BPD products are widely used in military bases, banks, museums, corporate office facilities, residential homes and any place where ballistic and attack resistant products are required.

We design and build quality products that protect lives. Our Bullet, Blast and Forced Entry Resistant products are available worldwide, please call our professional staff at Bullet Proof Doorz to discuss your security door needs.


Protect You & Your Assets.